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The Child Abuse Smear Campaign on Planned Parenthood

I received an email forward a few hours ago originating from the pro-life group, Live Action. The email informed me that Planned Parenthood is lobbying against a bill that would require them and ‘all other organizations’ (because there are tons!) which provide or refer to reproductive health care to report instances and/or suspicions of child abuse. As expected, this group attempted to make Planned Parenthood look like regular sex offenders themselves by connecting this lobby effort with their abortion provisions. Obviously Planned Parenthood must hate little children!

This smear tactic is repulsive, offensive, and in fact is nailed together with the screws lost by those who invented it. As someone with personal experience with child abuse, I know the pain and fear that comes with the thought, “Who can I tell?” The number one thing I dreaded (as I lived with the experience for five years before telling a soul) was the prospect of having to tell big strangers in uniforms. To explain to them where he touched me, how many times it happened, if I told him no. I was seven years old and terrified. This was MY body; I knew enough to know it had been violated, but to me the next grade violation  seemed having to relive it all  over again and let strangers ask me questions. When I finally told my mother, I begged her to please not tell anyone or make me have to tell. I was so much ...