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Sexism in music: “She’s pretty good for a girl”

It is extremely difficult for a woman to make it in the music industry without sexualising herself. Those of us who refuse to do this have to work extra hard, especially as female musicians get treated as if “girls with guitars” was a genre in itself. A disproportionate amount of women artists are vocalists, because they are encouraged to be at the front of the stage to provide eye candy. Female guitarists are seriously discriminated against, as well as female drummers, although it seems to be acceptable for women to play bass or keyboards. But ONLY if they’re cute.

She’s Pretty Good For A Girl is a project which aims to highlight the amount of sexist crap the average female-identified musician has to go through, by letting them tell their own stories. All the artists interviewed on the website are brave enough to refuse to bow down to the bullshit – they are helping to pave the way for others to follow!

If you’d like to share your experiences, get in touch!