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Feminist Rage: Why Are People Threatened By It?

I have written here before about the devastating impact of street harassment. Last time I pledged it wouldn’t be the last time I stood up to a street harasser. And I have followed through with my pledge – today when a man violated my personal space by pressing his body on mine, whispered in my ear, and attempted to follow me around to convince me to talk to him, going so far as to walk to every spot I walked to get away from him, I finally just told him to back the hell off. And he did. It doesn’t always work, and sometimes it’s too much of a dangerous situation to speak out. I did it in a crowd full of people and it effectively humiliated the hell out of him. For that fact, I am happy.

This article, however, won’t be so much about street harassment but about the trivializing attitudes that still exist towards it, as well as the questionable attitude towards what I’ll call “feminist rage,” even though I think it deserves to just be called justifiable rage towards patriarchal/misogynistic attitudes. Although I have written about street harassment before on social networking sites and received lot of validating responses, there will always be a few people who question the validity of my rage towards street harassers. I celebrate the people in my life who take street harassment, rape, sexual assault, and by extension the rape culture that surrounds us, ...

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