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From a recovering “Perfect Girl”

I just finished Courtney Martin’s “Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters”. It profoundly affected me. I have been struggling with my body for several years now, coming very close to a full blown eating disorder in my sophomore year of college. I’ve been trying very hard over the last couple months to stop the destructive thinking about my body. My partner is totally supportive, but I also know it’s frustrating for him, since he doesn’t really get it. I picked up Martin’s book and read the introduction midway through my last semester in college, and I knew right away it was going to help me. Unfortunately, I felt so overwhelmed in my last semester, that I didn’t think I should undertake such emotional/psychological reading. After graduation my mom took me to Vegas, so I had plenty of time on the plane/by the pool to read and reflect.
I feel more beautiful already. Her book was refreshing and honest. I seriously recommend it to every woman, who has ever thought about food, dieting, exercise, her weight, etc in a way that could possibly one day lead to an eating disorder. I have a better understanding now of why I obsessed for so long about my body: my desire to be perfect in every area of my life. I did feel a lot of pressure growing up – and I noticed that the same pressure was not put on my brother. If he got C’s, he was ...

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