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I tried to do something about rape. (Built an App) Now I need help.

Trigger Warning: I don’t mean for this to be triggering, but I can see how it might be.

So a few year’s back I read that “400,000 campus rapes a year” statistic somewhere in the feminist internet. Finding it to represent more suffering than I could comprehend, I gave some thought to what I could do. In the end I hired a team to build an iPhone app, RealHelp. The idea was to be able to involve everyone who might possibly care about you in your current situation with the touch of a button. I reasoned that every potential rape or abuse victim has friends and family who would happily intervene if given the chance, and I intended for RealHelp to give them that chance.   The end result was an app that can stream audio and location to dozens of pre-selected contacts in real time. You can open the app, slide a button, and know that dozens of people who you trust just got a message on their phones telling them how worried they should be and how they should respond. Anyone who tapped through into the current session will see where you are on a map, and will be able to hear what’s happening around you. Anyone who slept through the alert will have a link to the archived web version of the event. You can even choose to post it to all of your friends’ Facebook pages if you want to get ...
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