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Outdated victim blaming – will the police ever learn?

Worcester police force last month distributed hundreds of these posters around towns in the West Midlands. The posters tell women they can prevent rape or “regretful sex” by not drinking or wearing a dress. The woman in the photo seems to be both drunk and wearing a dress, so she was really asking for it.

Thankfully, due to anti-rape campaigners, the police have issued an ‘apology’ but why did the police force, in 2012, approve this campaign in the first place. Our attitudes are still not close to blaming who should be blamed.

Another thing that pisses me off about this poster is that the phrase rape and “regretful sex” are used together – which is a really dangerous thing to do. Are they suggesting that when women say they are raped that it’s could just be “regret” (They lied because they changed their mind when they woke up and are lying bitches and whores.) Or – are they saying that regretting consensual sex is rape? This message is wholly confusing. These two terms should not be used together; people already accuse victims of lying or exaggeration enough.

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