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Michelle Obama to meet with Sex Workers in India?

The right-wing blog-o-sphere is all a-flutter with the news that Michelle Obama has been invited by an NGO to meet with commercial sex-workers in India. The snarky poster over on says “I can imagine Michelle ending that meeting by saying, “Oh yeah, we do the same thing in our country to taxpayers, ‘cept not as cheap.” Why am I guessing that this trip will culminate in all Indian commercial sex workers joining the SEIU?” The tone of the comments had been sex-negative and sexist (towards Michelle and the sex-workers both.) As much as conservative fundamentalists hate the Obamas, turns out they hate sex-workers even more.

I’m surprised at the PR risk the administration is taking on this and applaud them for it.  Lord knows they should be paying more attention to sex-worker rights here and internationally in general.  I hope some good policy comes of it and that is doesn’t turn into just another photo-op.