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Why Daenerys is NOT Laura Bush.

First, allow me a cheap shot and a nitpick at the post that was included in the Weekly Feminist Reader: Daenerys being like a liberal white woman, but being compared to Laura Bush?  Um… are we thinking the same Laura Bush?  Wife of least-popular-president George W Bush, very conservative, THAT Laura Bush?  Calling her a liberal white woman?  But… whatever — nitpick.

Now, the meat of the bone I have to pick with this parallel — the argument is that Daenerys’ character is racist with very typical ‘white woman bringing civilization to the savage brown people’.  The proof supposedly comes from how she changes the cultures and civilizations of the Dothraki, particularly in regards to their treatment of women (because, y’know, rape).  But, because she’s white, she automatically must know better and she’s the only one who could have possibly civilized the savage barbarians.

Problem with this argument: The Dothraki are NOT the only ones who do this.  The article I’m arguing against in particular compares the Dothraki as being like the Klingons of Game Of Thrones.  Well… No.  EVERY culture does this, with select few, sympathetic characters not being completely dyed black in misogyny.  The Lannisters, the Starks, the Tullys, virtually every house in the mainland treats their women — victims of war, child brides sold as parts of bribes for loyalty between houses — the same way the Dothraki do.  The only difference is how the mainland knights and nobles dress it up ...

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