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Because I knew you, I’ve been changed for good

“I am going to write fire until it comes out of my ears, my eyes, my noseholes–everywhere. Until it’s every breath I breathe. I’m going to go out like a fucking meteor!” Audre Lorde 

I joined Feministing in February of 2005. At the time I was living in San Francisco, CA, and I was working as a substitute school teacher. I had little direction as to where my career was going, no “bigger plan” for myself or how I was going to weave in what I had been told I should cultivate – a passionate, righteous voice committed to gender justice.

When I started blogging, my writing was rough; it was angry and it was righteous. I have no formal training in public writing, but through the weekly rigor of writing blog posts for Feministing and working with the incredible people that make up this collective, I found my voice as a writer. And I got addicted to expressing myself through writing, to Feministing, and to you – Feministing fans, I wish I knew how to quit you.

This is my last post as the Executive Editor of Feministing, the space that gave me the foundation for who I am in the world today. As I reflect on the last eight years of my life, it is clear to me that my development as a leader is a testament to the power and necessity of online feminism.

The feminist blogosphere brought me a community of brilliant people ...

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