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Female college students, beware the slut-shaming

The walk of fame. The stroll of success. It seems that the stride of confidence across campus in the same clothes as the night before, ducking behind buses and bushes after spending the night with a member of the opposite sex is now considered a rite of passage and even an imminent fate for many university students during freshers week. Famed as the wildest seven days of a freshers’ university career, newly enrolled university students are actively encouraged to engage in activities otherwise unavailable to them before arriving at university, from binge drinking, drug use to casual sexual encounters. And with a recent survey by student magazine Cosmo on Campus revealing that 42 percent of freshers view casual sex as characteristic of the freshers week experience, it would appear that female undergraduates enjoy an equal opportunity to seek sexual satisfaction as their male counterparts. But what is arguably celebrated as the strut of success for men is arguably not as such the case for women.

‘There is no such thing as the walk of shame for a guy, only the ‘walk of lad,'” a popular Facebook page dedicated to the awkward post-coital voyage across town exclaims. It’s not the ‘walk of shame, it’s the strut of success #LAD,’ UNILAD, the misogynist Twitter page with a million-strong male university student fanbase delightedly exclaims. Yet ‘The Slut Strut,” the thousand strong Twitter page is dedicated to exclusively slut-shaming women by publishing photos of women’s walks of ...