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Amber Rose’s gender bias claims may hold weight

Rhetorical shots have been fired by Ghanaians who take issue with the twit pic of poor children Amber Rose posted during her recent trip to Ghana. Ghanaians have a right to be exhausted with media stereotypes about Ghana that laser in on poor, barefoot children. But that is no excuse for using a double standard that seems to be rooted in a gender bias and not recognizing Rose for her positive contributions.

“What I have noticed about Africa since I have been here” Rose said in a YouTube interview which also apologized for how Ghanaians may have received the picture, “is it’s either extremely rich or extremely poor, there is no middle class.”

A Ghanaweb article pounced on Amber for committing the cardinal sin when an African country is the topic of discussion: making a generalization about Africa when one’s experiences are usually based in one country. It is also clear that Rose’s absolute statement about Africa’s middle class — or lack thereof — didn’t help matters. Still, Rose is undeserving of having her credentials reduced to a relationship that is black history or being called “cheap.” Rose may be on to something in her recent WhoSay entry when she called folks out on what she feels is a double standard regarding gender. Before folks dismiss Rose outright, consider the ultimate pass R&B singer Mario received after acting a fool this July.

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