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“But why was she out without her husband?”

Trigger Warning
A terribly tragic story was in the SF Gate yesterday morning.
To summarize, a 24-year-old ex-beauty queen with a husband and two young children went to a Halloween party, where she lost her purse. A young man offered his phone to her, to call her own phone, and spent the rest of the night harassing her, “joking” that he now had her phone number. He somehow convinced her to let him drive her home, but instead circled around for hours, saying he would only drop her off if she revealed personal information, like her email address and myspace account. He proceeded to harass her over the phone and internet in the following weeks, and was seen a few times outside her home. On November 24, he came into her home after her husband had left, and just as the woman had passed her children through a window to police officers outside, the stalker shot 10 rounds, hitting her with three. He shot himself in the head, and the woman died at the hospital.
Besides being a heart-wrenchingly tragic event that brings up numerous issues that should be discussed through a feminist lense, one thing I found particularly disturbing was the number of victim blaming commenters. Head exploding comments, like “I think there is a 50/50 fault here. I would not have painted Mrs. Nguyen like some holy saint” and “Vietnamese girls that are/were involved in the beauty ...