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Why I Hate Ron Paul: Part 1, Abortion

“A calloused attitude toward the unborn permits a calloused attitude toward the newborn, the elderly, and the deformed-as well as toward all principles of liberty. We should be neither surprised nor shocked that we hear frequent stories of newborns being thrown in ditches to die. Vocal support for infanticide and euthanasia is now common. “

– Ron Paul, Freedom Under Siege (pg. 156)

Ron Paul has written (or hasn’t written) some incredibly disgusting shit over his career. The above quote, taken from his 1988 ‘manifesto’ “Freedom Under Siege”, is way up there on that list. Instead of burying this offensive, meandering rag he chose to put it back into print in 2007; clearly a man with impeccable judgment. Cover to cover, it is one astonishingly inane correlation after another, sprinkled with incendiary remarks and topped off with a heaping dose of quasi-detailed policy- otherwise found only in the far reaches of the internet. (or here if you want to take all the fun out of it.)

From the sense I can make of this, Ron Paul is under the impression that legalized abortion is to blame for our apparent tailspin into a society that flushes newborns with abandon and runs old folks down for fun.  I’m being a little hyperbolic here, but not by much.