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Giada De Laurentiis & How to Keep A Man

I haven’t read the article but posted on Just Jared this morning was this quote:

On balancing career, marriage and motherhood: “I think it can be hard for any man to sometimes be upstaged by his wife. So when I’m home, I work very hard to be Todd’s wife and Jade’s mother. I have no problem going back to those traditional roles. I try to be Giada, the young girl that he met 20 years ago and fell in love with. All men want to be treated like kings in a relationship, and I think if women don’t indulge that sometimes, their men are likely to stray and look for someone who can give that to them.”

Read more: This is neither new nor particularly note-worthy, but it is one more example of how women are told over and over again by very successful women to pretend to be unsuccessful, serviant, and submissive t0 “keep your man.” When does Redbook stop printing this tripe and when do women stop saying it?