I'm currently a student at Metropolitan State University. I'm pursuing a degree in Gender Studies and I should be done by next fall (woo!). I'm very passionate about gender issues. Specifically, I would love to work on issues that affect women, or people who identify as women. I live in a suburb east of St. Paul with my fiance.

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Stories needed here

I hope you’re all having a stupendous Tuesday after the long Labor Day weekend.  I have to admit, I really enjoyed not working on Labor Day (ironic, no?)

Anyway, to the point.  I’ve recently started publishing some of my fiction work for the Kindle (check out “The Life and Times of Rebecca Walker” on Amazon if you want) and I’m starting to develop my next project.

I’d like to write a four book series about a young woman named Paisley Tines.  There will be one book written diary style for every year of high school.  I really want Paisley to embody the experiences of young women everywhere as she journeys through high school.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because if you’re willing I would like to incorporate your experiences into Paisley’s experience.  If you would be willing to share an experience or two with me I think this could be a really rich story.

You can reach me at rachelhanson10@gmail.com.  If you could tell me your experience and what grade it happened it (or if it happened in multiple grades) I would really appreciate your help.

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