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Thank you Feministing!

Earlier this week, the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform was kicked off of St. Mary’s University campus, in Halifax. Jose Ruba (one of the co-founders) was giving a speech entilted "Echoes of the Holocaust", part of their Genocide Awareness Project, which I’ve seen mentioned before in the Feministing community. It’s an idiotic attempt to label abortion as a genocide by making connections between a woman’s right to choose and the Holocaust, the bosnian genocide, slavery and other tragic and wholley unrelated events.  Pro-choice students chanted and blocked the projector so that the presentation could not start and when RCMP and campus police were called it was decided by the administration that the event was not something they wanted on campus and it was moved to a chapel nearby. Of course, this has given the CCBR and other anti-choice organizations a soap-box, on which to stand and declare that academia is choosing sides in the abortion debate and blocking free speech.

When word got out that this same speaker was coming to our campus, organizers had less than 24 hours to get a counter protest together. It was decided we would go in a different route because no one wanted the anti-choice group on campus to be able to say we infringed on their freedom of speech. So, 20 minutes into the presentation our counter-protesters stood up and silently walked out of the room. It was incredibly moving to see half of the people gathered ...

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