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Hooters part deux

Hello all.  For my first post, I’d like to ask for some advice….

A new restaurant is moving into town.  It is called “Brick House Tavern & Tap.”  Now, I’m a huge foodie and was really excited about the prospect of an as yet unheard of restaurant moving in.  As soon as I got home, my mom and I searched for it on the Internet.

Well.  The homepage proudly states that the restaurant “dispenses happiness to the common man,” with links to pages called “BH Girls,” “Manfood,” and “Play.”  Also on the homepage, the viewer is confronted with a large picture of a glass of beer with a text overlay saying “i want you, i need you. i’m begging you – take me. xoxo”  All right, it’s a beer saying it wants me and needs me…not..too…bad….?

To find a bit more information about the place, we first clicked on the “about us” tab.  The info about the beers asks, “how would you like to tap this?” Also, there is apparently something called a “man cave” at this place.  In this “man cave,” guys have the luxury of having their “own Brick House Girl there to make all of [their] food and beverage dreams come true.”  Really.

Okay, deep breath.