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9 Reasons You SHOULD Have Sex on a First Date

Every good girl has been told not to have sex on the first date. Right?

When you google ”sex on the first date,” the first entry that comes up is a post by some psychologist in the Huffington Post about why you shouldn’t be having sex on the first date.

Here are the 9 reasons this ‘doctor’ thinks first-date sex backfires, and the 9 reasons why I think she’s [redacted] stuck in the 17th century.

1. First-date sex rarely satisfies female sexual needs. Because apparently women only want sex when they are in love. And when single women feel horny, it is “an extension of their emotional need for companionship”.

That is the most patronizing, offensive BS I’ve heard in a long time! How dare you tell me what I want?! I know this may be difficult for someone stuck in the 17th century to understand, but I often need sex as much (if not more) than I need love. And when I feel horny, it’s because I want a big fat penis in my vagina, not arms around my back. And sex on the first date with someone I find attractive is a great way to satisfy my sexual needs.

2. First-date sex can be physically risky. It apparently “exposes my bloodstream and precious eggs” to a complete stranger.

Um, there are these things called condoms.

3. First-date sex can turn a man off.

If it does, then he is not the right man for me. Why would I want to date someone who wouldn’t date ...