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Let’s tell kids that rape = a pick-up strategy?

Trigger warning: violence against women, physical assault and rape. Graphic and portrayed as something positive and possibly humorous.

Forget the run-of-the-mill sexist ads for a while, as harmful as they are. Here’s a truly horrifying one, so much that I cannot believe it’s been approved anywhere.

The internet silence around it is really surprising too. I couldn’t find it uploaded anywhere (which means I had to record it from the tv with my cell phone, hence the low quality of the clip), and I couldn’t find any blog post or discussion about it either. The only related discussion I found was about how to cancel the advertised service, and it didn’t mention the ad itself at all. There are several popular Polish blogs that criticize commercials, but apparently none of them has ever mentioned it. Maybe because they write from the artistic standpoint, not the feminist one.

The ad, embedded:

And direct link:

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