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Who are we really looking good for?

One of the most basic feminist principles, I think, is about being able to choose our appearance and not having to look sexy for male standards or appropriate by prude standards. Now whether that means you are of the school of believing in the rejection all makeup because you see it as symbolism of wanting to please men, or whether you believe that you are entitled to wear things like miniskirts because you see it as empowerment is not what I’m blogging to discuss. Down that road lies a fight that even I am not sure which side I fall on. What got me thinking was when women and girls nowadays dress up, make up, heels, perfect fashion, who are we dressing up for?

Now there’s the easy answer: men. Magazines and their gut wrenching and manipulative propaganda have swerved our thinking from young ages (And I mean young – when they started giving out lip-gloss with things like LelliKelly shoes, my eyes nearly rolled out of my head) that we have to look perfect all the time in order to get a boyfriend, or a husband, depending on the age the propaganda is aimed at. [By the way, as a side note, notice how it’s never how to get a girlfriend for girls. Just sayin’.]

However, let me put this idea to you: we’re actually half ignoring this propaganda. Girls are dressing to look good…for other girls. Seems confusing but actually makes a lot ...

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