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Willke: I can do math with numbers I made up

A SYTYCB entry

The views of the doctor behind Todd Akin’s screwed up understanding of biology, John C. Willke, have been dismissed by ob/gyn experts. [1] Nevertheless, Willke’s claim that pregnancy from rape is rare continues to be cited as medical fact, despite evidence from peer-reviewed studies to the contrary [2].

Out of curiosity/masochistic tendencies, I took a closer look at Willke’s 1999 article, “Rape Pregnancies Are Rare.” The article was published in Life Issues Connector, a newsletter of the Life Issues Institute. It is not a peer-reviewed publication, and Willke’s article would never see the light of day in any respectable medical journal. It is an agenda-pushing screed dressed up in math with unsubstantiated statistics.

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