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Anti-Gay (but not homophobic?)…

So, perusing my friends’ facebook pages while I should be working, I came across this reposted gem.


***Not that I should be terribly surprised that the UT Independent Collegian (the college paper at the University of Toledo, where I used to attend school and now will be part-time lecturing) is printing homophobic, sexist, racist, anti-working class, anti-any religion but Christian malarkey. This is the same Collegian that, a few years ago, had a 12-page anti-abortion insert courtesy of our local anti-abortion clinic aka Heartbeat of Toledo–you know, the place that allows you to “explore all of your options” as long as it doesn’t include abortion.


If the overall argument of the piece was that he found the two men using the term “black” offensive (he chooses to identify differently, or whatever), or he felt that the two men were glossing over the importance and disgusting legacy or racism, or if he felt that the overall tone of their discussion indicated that they were racist…then discussing why he didn’t approve of this type of language would be an appropriate discussion to have. Or, if he was discussing how homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, classism, etc… are different forms of oppression, despite being interconnected, then o.k. I would probably get it as well.

But no, instead he is talking about some of the same-old divisive bullshit anyone familiar w/the struggle for LGBT rights has heard a million times: blacks (also, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, etc…) ...