Nia Evans

Nia Evans is an organizer at the National Women's Law Center (NWLC). She works with state and national advocates to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. While at NWLC, she helped develop a new campaign, Let Her Learn, to break down barriers for girls of color in school and spearheaded panels at Netroots Nation and the Women's March Convention. Her words have been featured in Blavity, Mashable, Afropunk, and Fusion.

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Dear Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Survivors of Sexual Violence Is a Racial Justice Fight

For the past few months, I’ve seen several articles — almost exclusively written by white women — arguing that we shouldn’t enforce Title IX protections for survivors of sexual assault because the authors believe Black men are more likely to be accused. The narrative has been picked up by numerous media outlets and used by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to strip protections for survivors.

The idea that survivors’ rights are a threat to Black men leaves a bad taste in my mouth.