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Why Rihanna is, in fact, not a can of green tea


The cable gods answered my prayers on Sunday, August 19th, as they delivered a gift for my 20th birthday. It may as well have been wrapped in gold with a bow made of literal angel hairs.

The tectonic force that is Robyn Rihanna Fenty collided with the Oprah atmosphere for a sit down, cry-all and tell-all interview. After Rih Rih’s big interview with Oprah on her Next Chapter, videos, excerpts, and photos popped up on social media websites. Unlike what is common for men, Rihanna’s outfit and appearance were talked about in the articles that discussed the interview. I watched the interview, and thought nothing more of her outfit than: my girl look gooooood. She was dressed modestly (unlike her typical bangin’ outfits) in a flower-print Marc Jacobs dress, tennis shoes, hoops, and light make up.

Of course I am disappointed that her outfit has to be a part of this discussion of her interview, because it eclipses the content of the interview itself, which was an honest BP oil spill about her personal life; it was a bold and selfless act for the highest selling electronic artist in history.

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