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Elle magazine has some pretty creepy guy friends…

“When I walk the streets on a sunny summer day and the women are out, wearing spaghetti-strap tops and short skirts, their legs bare, the internal monologue starts. The voice in my head, by the way, sounds like Barry White’s. Oh yeah. Oh, you like that, right? You mean you want it in there? Oh, yeah.

This was the point in Elle’s most recent ElleReaderMen feature where I started to feel a little bit creeped. Typically I enjoy reading through this fairly intellectual fashion magazine, though I tend to disagree with a lot of the editorial content. This particular author is an anonymous man who is informing us on “the sexual fantasy life of men.” He expands the experiences and feelings of him and three friends to all of men, but I’m pretty unconvinced. I can imagine a plurality of teenage boys perhaps being so obsessive and objectifying, but that seems pretty unfair as well. A few more samples, to give you a sense of Anonymous’s piece:

“…I realized it’s not entirely about seeing exposed flesh, however; it’s about clothes – shorts, miniskirts – that seem so easily pulled aside for quick access. It’s the feeling that I – a perfect stranger – could have this beautiful woman topless in a fraction of a second…and be kissing her bare breast, a sensation hat would feel so good she would be powerless to resist…” [emphasis mine]