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I got 99 problems and sexism is one

A few days ago my best friend and I went to see Beyonce’s new documentary- life is but a dream. The film was- as could be expected- amazing! One could see Mrs Carter dancing, singing, cuddling her baby-girl, crying, working hard and being overall breathtaking.
I love Beyonce. To me, she’s the symbol of discipline, hard work, autonomy (yip, and beauty, femininity and sexappeal as well). I love her voice, her dance moves, her music (in my opinion ‘Halo’ is one of the most beautiful songs ever, and I’ll never apologize for that mainstream- opinion).
Indierock doesn’t do anything for me, and angry punkrock/ techno/ house even less. I listen to soul, r’n’b, hip-hop and on my crazy days maybe even to some singer-songwriter ladies. I want big voices, lots of lyrics, and few guitar sounds.
But I also love women, myself, feminism.
Liking hip-hop & r’n’b and liking women sometimes seems hard to combine. Especially if we’re talking about cool-black-gansters-I-got-99-problems-and-a-bitch-aint-one-hip-hop.
I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but I’m not a bitch and feel offended if I’m- or another woman is- called one. Therefore I have to believe that it’s possible to be both a feminist and a hip-hop fan. Concerning r’n’b, we seem to live in a pseudo-feminist era. The same lady that gives us ‘Who run the world? Girls’ (here an amazing contribution by an amazing woman: also sings ‘Cater to you’ (that I- out of selfhatred? Compliance? Regression?- even like).
‘Your wish ...