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How hating on Planned Parenthood is about hating on women, not about hating on abortion

I’ve been following the story of the Bus driver who refused to bring women to Planned Parenthood because they might get abortions pretty closely in a number of online communities. And I’ve noticed that first out the gate in terms of commenting is usually someone pointing out that Planned Parenthood offers way more services than just abortion. Which is very true. And although it chafes at me that this is considered an appropriate response and not at all a way of further dividing women into sluts and good girls, the fact is that the people who protest outside of Planned Parenthood clinics know this. Of course they know this. They can’t stand around with their bullhorns and their fetus dolls day in and day out and not have women indignantly explain that they’re only going in for a pap smear and get the point that a woman entering a Planned Parenthood is not a guaranteed abortion. But focusing on the fact that Planned Parenthood offers much broader services than just pregnancy termination is missing the point of the anti-choice crusade against Planned Parenthood. It’s not that the anti-choice don’t want abortions to be performed, it’s that they don’t want women to have reproductive medical care available to them at all.

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