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Why the lingerie football league is bullshit.

Because there are half naked girls running around? Nope. Every time you turn on the TV, open a magazine, or look at an advertisement, you will see a half naked woman. It may be a disgusting habit of our culture, but it’s still a fact that the market (the country? The world?) is saturated with images (usually airbrushed to hell…) of beautiful and less then clothed women. And I believe every woman has the right to be half naked if she so desires. That’s not my beef with the Lingerie Football League. Objectification aside, let’s move on….
My beef is that there is no pro football organization for women. Basketball? Sure. Soccer? You bet. Baseball? Well… ok you can have softball. Even MMA has women fighters (and they are sick!!) Swimming, volleyball, track and field, snowboarding, skiing or any other Olympic sport, the list goes on. But football? Nope. Sorry folks, just too manly of a sport. And don’t even give me that shit that there are not enough women out there that would want to play. Prove that fact to me and I will eat my own shoe.
The reason the Lingerie Football League is bullshit is because it demeans the idea of women actually playing football in a professional (I use the term loosely) setting. It makes it into a joke, “Oh, look at the pretty little girls in their bras and panties! Playing football like the boys, ...

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