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Confronting our Fears: Intergenerational Organizing

Last night, I listened to some of our lawmakers lie about Planned Parenthood’s services being 90% abortion, and some of them stand up for the truth with their own stories. I cried. I raged. I sent everyone I know emotionally manipulative emails to get them to call their senators.

Despite the temporary victory, I woke up in dire need of some inspiration today. So I listened to the Reproductive Justice and feminist blogging panel Miriam linked to earlier this week. Each of these amazing women talked in different ways about how intergenerational work is vital to moving forward in our fight for Reproductive Justice and intersectionality with other issues/movements.

Aimee Thorne-Thompson talked about – get this – actually asking young people what they care about, and what they do about the issues they care about. A radical notion that more organizations and service providers and media outlets need to practice.  Jasmine Burnett talked about how the Trust Black Women coalition is formed on the idea of intergenerational organizing. But as Shelby Knox pointed out (and Steph wrote about so personally and eloquently on Feministe recently) our mainstream pro-choice movement continues to disappoint the legions of smart, talented young people who are the people behind the rallies, the phones, the clinic defense, and the social media engagement.

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