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A helping hand to LMFAO

Dear LMFAO, Because I love you (really, I’ve learned your dance party anthem dance), I am going to help you out and give you some alternate lyrics to

The ladies love us, when we pour shots
they need an excuse, to suck our cocks

from your song Shots, featuring Lil Jon.  Because really, who needs another song about subjecting women, making them feel unsafe and marginalized, making me want to turn your songs off, and adding to an already out of control rape culture? No way LMFAO, you and your awesome outfits are totally better than this!

So here you go LMFAO, straight from me to you::

The ladies love us, when we pour shots
Almost as much as they love tater tots

The ladies love us when we keep rape culture at bay
the love that we respect it when they say ‘Nay’

The ladies love to come out and dance,
feeling safe no matter the length of their skirt or pants

I love to go out and respect human kind,
the energy out there, just blows my mind

The ladies love when we get our shots,
that way they don’t worry about chicken pox

The ladies love when we pour shots,
the next day we go out for bagels and lox

We love when ladies pour shots,
it’s their choice to have it neat or rocks

These are just a few of the ideas I  have, a sampling of many, LMFAO. Feel free to contact me if you need any more help ...