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Confessions of a Former Stick Figure

Up until age 30 or so, I was thin without working at it. I attributed it to a couple of things-lucky DNA, no taste for fast food or soda and only minimal chocolate / sweet cravings, and living for six years in a city where I did LOTS of walking. One thing was for sure-I wasn’t thin through hard work or will power. I exercised, but minimally. I ate what I liked. I didn’t really understand why people around me (okay, mostly women) stressed so much about their weight, because I’d never had to.
Ever since I was an adolescent people had complemented me on my thinness. Of course they were just being polite (have you ever noticed how much women complement each other on being thin, or comfort each other when one of them is feeling less-than-thin?). But their complements suggested that my thinness was an accomplishment, and I gradually started to think that it was one. I was proud of my thinness, as if it was something I’d worked for.
After college I started to learn about all the bullshit that surrounds the thin ideal. I learned that thinness is valued in women because it’s a sign of fragility and weakness-thin women are attractive because they’re easier to dominate. I learned about the relationship between thinness and consumption, realizing that every exercise video, surgical procedure, body-shaping underwear, fad diet, and photo ...

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