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Mid-Michigan was feeling left out of the public homophobia circle

It seems the keynote speaker for our local Sacred Heart Academy’s graduation ceremony this year was removed from the event schedule when it was discovered that he is gay.  No other reasons given.

He was a proud alumni of the school, and has a younger brother graduating this year.  The initial shock comes mostly from the blatancy and publicity of this organized decision to hate; and in little old Mount Pleasant, Michigan, of all places (ha, yeah right).  All of this isn’t really terribly surprising, though, since it involves the catholic church; and it isn’t as if Mt. Pleasant is a discrimination-free town by any means, anyway.  Also, I know things like this and worse have been going on all over the place for some time now.  I guess we’re just now joining the ranks.

Add it to the list.  Sad, sad.  Here are a couple of responses to the decision from other alumni of the school.

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