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Back to the future


A SYTYCB entry

I don’t want to write about rape anymore. Or abortion.

I want to write about the fact that Iran has just banned women from several university-level courses, making them ‘male only’ and denying a generation of women the education they need to get jobs, provide for their families, empower themselves and gain some semblance of power and respect within their families and communities.

I want to write about how it’s interesting that in the NGO sector, the majority of the workers are women, until you get to management and executive director level – where it’s almost all men.

I want to write about the amazing-ness of my feminist community here in Belfast, about how it allowed me to grow not only into a feminist, but into someone who felt like she belonged in a new strange city (and country), offering us a bit of hope in this increasing dim-colored sexist world.

But I can’t. I can’t stop writing about rape, and about abortion, because it’s everywhere, and even though I want to write about something else, I just can’t.

I can’t because I keep thinking: “We shouldn’t be talking about this anymore.”

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