I am a blogger who has a site exploring female sexuality from a sociocultural standpoint. My site ( looks at gender politics, history, news events, and research in the field of female psychology. I am currently writing a book on female sexual dissatisfaction/dysfunction and I cam completing a dissertation for my Ph.D. in this area.

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Dating Adventures at Mid-life: What the *&^% Am I Doing on

So, my tentative New Year’s resolution is to get my hands out of my own pants and down someone else’s.

I say tentative because I have been down the slippery path of online dating before – and I know what I’m in for. Nonetheless, I have decided to dust off my old profile and try this cyberdating thing once again. Maybe.

As you can see, I am rather conflicted about the whole thing. My experience with online dating has been a mixed bag. I have been on a few sites such as OKCupid and Yahoo Personals, but frankly my “best” experience has been with Match. And that is a highly qualified “best”.

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