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Internships, the only way Post-College?

    I have a frustrating problem.  I just graduated from college in April and am desperately trying to find a job in Washington, D.C. with a Women’s Studies focus.  I’m really open to anything. However, it seems that the only available positions within larger organizations are unpaid internships, which obviously I can’t take and pay rent in the city.  It gets me thinking about how undervalued and taken for granted recent college grads are in the current job market (outside of nursing and education majors).  Sure, the economy is not the best right now no matter where you’re looking for jobs.  And sure, a recent college graduate with no real work experience doesn’t look as good on paper as another person several years out.  But I still think it is ridiculous that college graduates should have to take unpaid internships just to get them in to the ‘real’ world.  More and more I’m seeing this amongst my friends and wonder how I can break in to these organizations I really admire and want to work for without submitting to an internship which, let’s be honest, is definitely the short end of the stick.  Now, I completely understand having to start somewhere, and not landing your dream job right out of college.  But what I really want to know is, do I have to stick out 2 or so years in some job perhaps with an organization or office I care nothing about just ...

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