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Mental health support for secondary trauma?

I’ve been living and working in New York and am on the hunt for a good feminist therapist who understands the motivations behind and frustrations of social justice work and also knows something about secondary/vicarious trauma.  I’m not sure how to find this person/people, so I thought I’d try crowd-sourcing in hopes of some leads.

A bit of background/details on me and what I’m looking for: I work in immigration legal services with survivors of gender-related crimes (mostly domestic violence, but also human trafficking, sexual assault, etc.).  I’ve been noticing some signs of secondary trauma in myself, and am somewhat aghast at the lack of support for legal service providers in this area.  We’re not social workers, so we don’t get supervision, but I still spend a good portion of almost every work day listening to details of people’s horrific experiences and am often in need of some debriefing and perspective on how it affects my life both at work and outside.