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Lapis’s First Post

This is my first post (if you can’t see from the title), so forgive me if it isn’t quite up to standards.

In my very recently developed feminist eye, which endures the soapy daytime TV cult about half the time I walk into a nail salon (no offense to daytime soap lovers, but I strongly dislike it) and triggers a mental face-palm every time the line between “girls’ toys” and “boys’ toys” is clearly defined on the TV in my little sister’s bedroom and makes me express pure outrage at Babysitting Mama and Science Papa, has noticed something that recently became quite personal to me.

Let me start with a few examples (SPOILER ALERT).

I am a very big Gleek. However, the drama between Finn and Rachel, cute as it is, follows a pattern we know well. Boy and girl fall in love. As soon as boy is free from other girl, boy goes for girl, says “I love you,” and relationship is given the green light. However, boy dumps girl when girl starts liking boy more. Girl tries to get boy back, but is only successful after she starts playing hard-to-get again.