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Help Me Save My Fiancé

I found out about feministing my first year of university, right when I decided to double major in English and Women’s Studies.  That same year, I met a wonderful man who had the same beliefs as I did; one of them being that women should be treated equally.  He has stood by me and gave me strength every time I said what was on my mind, defended myself or another woman.  I found out that he was undocumented about two months into our relationship; we hugged and cried together when he expressed his unfortunate circumstances.  His situation was out of his control: he was brought here when he was eleven from Russia and missed a court date when he was twelve.  His biological father was abusive towards both him and his mother.  We know that it is an extremely high number of immigrant women that flee their native countries because of domestic abuse, but yet find no protection in this country  (domestic abuse is not yet grounds for amnesty).