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As a former choir-girl, I’m pissed

I’ve been singing in various community/school/university choirs since I was 8. And that’s just singing when I’m told. I sing when I’m NOT told all the time; in the street, in stores, walking, on the phone, in the car, in the shower, around the house, at work, cooking. . .
You get the idea. Music is amazing. I play guitar, piano and have recently picked up the banjo (HELL yes). I encourage every person on the planet to learn to play an instrument, even if you can just play that one song that you play really well, but nothing else.
I used to be a damn good sight reader, though I’m shamefully out of practice now.
This all being said, I was reading some old newspaper clippings for my job and I came across an article talking about a local, all boys’ choir. Incidentally, this choir is led (and was founded) by a woman. Well, they interviewed her and, “Joyce Keil believes that boys learn to sing faster than girls because ‘they are very task-oriented.'”
WHAT?!?!?! I want to scream “Traitor!” from the top of every building.
What’s even more stupid is that this article is from 2007 so I totally missed the window to rampage.
Ugh. Just needed to rant about that. “Task-oriented” indeed.