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Advertising Campaign

I just wanted to call your attention to the new "Things Are Getting Interesting" Remy Martin advertising campaign, and in particular the image (posted prominently near Penn Station in Manhattan) depicting two women in chains (one African-American, one Caucasian, looking for some reason really quite ecstatic and as if they are about to eat each other alive). The image is also available at .

The press release for the campaign quotes Vincent Duhem, Vice President of Marketing for the company, Remy Cointreau, USA, Inc.(RCUSA), and mentions that the campaign was developed by the advertising agency La Comunidad. I plan to write to both companies and am interested in hearing your thoughts on the image.

I’m hoping to engage others who have found the ads upsetting in expressing their views in the most effective way possible. Somehow I don’t think feminist women are their target audience, do you? So I don’t know what effect a letter-writing campaign could have in itself. Any suggestions? I’m basing this on the ad, common sense, and the press release itself, which explicitly spells out the target audience of "influential, social, and multicultural urban males, ages 25 to 35".)

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