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The (white) face of hookup culture

A SYTYCB entry

Hanna Rosin from the Atlantic recently asserted that the elusive “college hookup culture” contained elements of female sexual liberation and empowerment. As a recent college graduate, I agree with most of her general sentiment – I firmly believe that the hookup culture is more nuanced than the ubiquitous, pearl-clutching  “Oh no! Premarital sex! How degrading!” narrative.

But what Rosin and many of her contemporaries have a tendency to ignore is that this brand of sexual empowerment strongly favors white women over women of color. For example, in her opening paragraphs, Rosin recounts the following without batting an eye:

In another corner of the room, a beautiful Asian woman in her second year at school was entertaining the six guys around her with her best imitation of an Asian prostitute—­“Oooo, you so big. Me love you long time”—winning the Tucker Max showdown before any of the guys had even tried to make a move on her. (She eventually chose the shortest guy in the group to go home with, because, she later told me, he seemed like he’d be the best in bed.)

Is this what sexual empowerment is supposed look like for women of color?

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