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“Raising Ms. President” Documentary Producers Seeking Funds to Complete Production

By Kathy Groob, Founder ElectWomen – Film director Kiley Parker of Kentucky has been working for three years to film a story about why more women do not run for office and what’s being done to change that.  Her documentary film project, Raising Ms. President, speaks directly to the younger generation of women about the positive impact more women in politics would make upon our nation.

“Raising Ms. President has taken us across the country looking for answers as to why women don’t run for office and what can be done to encourage more women to run in the United States,” says filmmaker Kiley Parker. “Back in 2010 we felt this issue was worth a deeper look and what we discovered are some astonishing answers to questions that have been asked for decades.”

Parker has partnered with the non-profit organization, Running Start for an outreach and education campaign and will be screening a sneak peak preview of the documentary during the upcoming Young Women’s Political Summit on July 13, 2013 in Washington D.C.  Watch the trailer here.

First, Kiley Parker and her company ParkerLane LLC, must raise the funds to complete the production of the film.  Launching a Kickstarter campaign, Parker hopes to raise the finishing funds necessary to complete the film. She’s asking women in politics supporters to help spread the word about the film through social media sites: Kickstarter, Website, Facebook and Twitter.  The goal is ...

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