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Local liquor store ad: Laughable or Scary?

I found this commercial for a St. Louis-area liquor store on The bad acting and person in a chicken suit are entertaining, as the Best Week Ever bloggers believe, but a couple of lines made me pause:

First of all, the catchphrase “Cheap cheap fun fun!” came across a little peer-pressure-y to me. Enough people are telling kids alchohol is fun, or is a way to appear like a fun person to their friends.
But the big thing is the line “The more she drinks, the better you look!” And ys, the absurdity of the old man’s body transforming into a bodybuilder’s is rediculous, which was the point, but once again, men are being encouraged to get women drunk in order to get them to act more “friendly,” and we all know where things can lead from there.
I had one last thought, though: could this ad be objectifying men? It’s certainly indicating that men need to be good looking (or just be percieved as good looking by a drunk person) in order to get attention, which is a message sent to women all of the time. I’m not sure about this last theory, but I just wanted to see what you all thought about the ad.
Url, in case the imbed doesn’t work.

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