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Exploding Echo Chambers: Why there’s Still Hope for Feminism

A SYTYCB entry

The United States seems to be faced with an unprecedented ideological regression. Outrage and surprise are shown over and over again in the feminist community. We still fear the repeal of Roe vs. Wade? We still can’t pass pay equity legislation? Wait… we may lose access to… birth control?! The situation feels bleak. Just this weekend, senate hopeful Todd Akin was actually allowed to say on TV that pregnancy never results from a “legitimate rape.” Legitimate rape? Our ovaries and other woman parts know when fertilization is non-consensual?

What the hell is going on?

In the face of recent policy changes (birth control mandate, etc…) and in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, political “conversations” are unavoidable. Too often, these conversations—as Carol Hanisch would say—turn the personal into the political; in other words, we ladies are subject to dinner table debates that involve our genitals. GENITALS. Even those of us who live in the most open-minded of places (shout out to Portland, Oregon!) can name at least one anti-choice aggressor in our lives. They’re the person that can’t seem to wrap their head around reproductive liberty, variant sexual orientations, or overall female autonomy. They are so far right that they have fallen off the edge. They can’t be persuaded or changed.

They’re basically me — three years ago.  

I flash back now, feeling so overcome with yuckiness that unintelligible noises escape from my mouth. I’m 17 years old and working diligently ...

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