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Interviews with Artists and Activists on White Privilege: Andy Spiers

I recently conducted a series of interviews with several people who are white/read as white about what white privilege means to them in their work to end racism and oppression. Following the killing of Mike Brown, I realized to my great disappointment that a number of white folks on social media became extremely agitated and angry at the very invocation of this phrase. Conceptually, though, I think it is critical to understand and engage if we are indeed to move towards a most just and fair world. I am humbled and grateful to the people who participated in this conversation for their honesty in talking about what white privilege means to them, and I hope this collection of voices serves to spark dialogue and ignite change.

It must and can never be only people of color who are charged with the work of dismantling white supremacy and racial injustice. I feel these conversations are critical for white people to have with each other if we are to move forward as a society. Thanks for taking time to read.

(This is the final interview in the series. Check out the previous ones with Chris CrassMelissa A. FabelloKelly JohnsonSean MahanPetra Zeh ParedezCory Stowers, and Jes Skolnik.)

Andy Spiers

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Andrew. I’m a 32 year-old Philadelphia resident. I’m white and I identify as a middle ...

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