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How the anti-choice movement affected this feminist’s path to a timely, legal abortion

I feel that it is important to explain the numerous obstacles I faced trying to receive a legal, medical procedure. And, even more importantly, how I was almost tricked by anti-choice “pregnancy care centers” even being a reproductive rights advocate. Being in a strange town removed me from all the resources that I had. And, had more strict waiting periods been law in the place that I was, it would have dramatically affected my ability to get timely care. Furthermore, the right-wing, anti-choice agenda had so polluted my mind, that I found myself face to face with my own internal stereotypes. This is my story.

Several months ago I had gone into my local Military Treatment Center because I felt that my IUD string was longer than normal. They wasted a whole bunch of money to do an ultrasound to tell me “it’s still in your uterus, so it will still work.” Obviously it was still in my uterus because the string was still there. However, it was sitting low in my uterus.  They swore it would still work and wouldn’t replace it. Fast forward about 3 months and my period is a week late. I’m on leave for Christmas, in town with my ultra-religious parents without a car.

Suddenly my mind is racing. I have 3 days left before I have to leave to go get on a plane to return to military training. I know when I go back I won’t have the opportunity to get an abortion, let alone care for ...