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Making sense of the Delhi gang rape

**Trigger warning**

I don’t get it.

There have been a multitude of discussions on the subject of women, particularly reproductive rights and sexual assault incidents, and I am trying to make sense of it all. As any avid feminist (or woman/human, for that matter,) I have been following them carefully, sharing the frustration, sadness and anger of each issue or victim. With each instance, I feel an increased sense of desperation and outrage. As The Independent put it: “2012: The Year When It Became Okay to Blame Victims of Sexual Assault.” This has never been more the case, since I discovered, that the Delhi gang-rape victim had passed despite fighting for her life in the face of a horrific tragedy. I am speechless and yet full of words.

Growing up in America as an Indian-American female, I have only had the privilege of being surrounded by open-minded individuals and strong women who have inspired and empowered me. I know many sexual assault survivors who have healthily rebuilt their optimism, esteem and outlook on men and the world. I assumed and hoped that, by the time I grew up, certain injustices and limitations imposed on women would be a thing of the past—that by now, things would be different. Things could only get better and better, right? Lately however, this what I have observed, along with the rest of you, between my two countries: women being dismissed, because of their physical appearance, dressing or intoxication level; ...