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She Proposed…And He Said Yes!

Ever wonder why the cultural narrative about a woman waiting for the proposal is so pervasive and ingrained?  Or why in this age of feminism and equal partnerships we don’t hear more stories of a woman proposing to her boyfriend?  My good friend, feminist, and colleague did just that and wrote about it very honestly in a guest post on the website A Practical Wedding

Changing the story can be hard. it can seem like everyone is pushing back. I googled “women proposing” and talked to my friends. There was one clear message: “Cute idea, but you should really wait for him.” ??One of my closest female friends told me “Men will propose when they are ready. We just have to wait for them.” A close male friend just couldn’t envision how a woman proposing would work. The internet told me that he’d feel like I was stealing his thunder. It also warned me that he might say yes without meaning it, just to keep the peace. Some articles warned me that it would ruin the relationship forever.

The warnings didn’t ring true to me, not for us and our relationship. He isn’t a big-surprise kind of guy; no thunder to steal. With really important things, he always speaks honestly. He wouldn’t say yes if he didn’t really mean it. He’s not particularly traditional, so he wouldn’t be offended by my proposing. And those conversations about weddings and getting married — the ...

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