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Notre Dame and Texas A&M Play Tonight for Women’s College Basketball Championship

On the biggest stage in the biggest women’s college sport, two unlikely opponents face each other for the championship. It is a sport where few teams contend for the title in any given year. It was in the previous two seasons that Connecticut did not just win titles, but did so with undefeated records. While a program can achieve such success through great recruiting and coaching, it is the sort of outcome that points to a lack of depth in the player pool, that the next best bunches of players can’t periodically pull an upset, that there simply aren’t many women playing at a level that can compete with the very best. Even on a year after many of their best players graduated, Connecticut was still the favorite going into the tournament, and if it was not going to be them that won the title, it was expected that a perennial contender such as Stanford or Tennessee, or a repeat contender in Baylor would sneak up on them. All but Tennessee were in the Final Four last year, and Tennessee has the most appearances this deep in the tournament in women’s college basketball history (18). [Connecticut and Standard are second and tied for third respectively with 12 and 10.] However, all four teams were ultimately favorites and #1 seeds not based off human rankings shaped by their history but on their performance this past season (at ...

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