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Jill Stanek, Transphobe

As if Jill Stanek wasn’t enough of a bigot, she had to add transphobia to her list.

On March 18th, Jessica Sideways published her article, An Object Lesson In Abortion: Parasitic Relationships on the prochoice blog, The Golden Coat Hanger.

In response to this, on her own blog, rather than replying to anything Jessica had said (evidently, she couldn’t,) Stanek’s only commentary was:

Sideways describes herself as a “transsexual woman,” begging the question, given her defined parameters, whether she would consider her penis the equivalent of a parasite or STD.

Oh, and it was very nice of Stanek to include a photo of Jessica, so her fanclub would have something else to attack. Very classy, Stanek. As if transpeople weren’t targets enough as it was.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you sick already, what was especially interesting was the posted commenting rules right below that disgusting paragraph. Stanek managed to break several of them in that single sentence. (I’ve highlighted them in bold.)

Commenting Rules


“Criticize ideas, not people.” Create one original moniker and stick with it. Please use a unique name. Be civil and considerate. Read fully and consider carefully before responding.

Do Not’s

Blasphemy will not be tolerated. No swearing or slandering of others. No deliberate inflammatory comments. Do not violate another’s privacy. Do not threaten fellow commenters or anyone else. No personal, racial, ethnic or gender-based insults/slurs. Do not post private personal information about yourself or others.(ie addresses, phone #s)

Fuck you, Stanek, you misogynistic, transphobic old hag. Mind your own organs.

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